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Staff Directory



Amanda McAdoo amandamcadoo@swcharter.org Executive Director
Marlene Dorfman marlenedorfman@swcharter.org Health, Info, and Property Administrator
Sarah Anderson sarahanderson@swcharter.org Fieldwork Coordinator
Anna Wantz annawantz@swcharter.org Business Manager
Karen Bennett karenbennet@swcharter.org Accounting
Raina Jenke rainajenke@swcharter.org Kindergarten Teacher
Nesa Levy nesalevy@swcharter.org 1/2 Grade Teacher
Angie O’Brien angieobrien@swcharter.org 1/2 Grade Teacher
Susan Hathaway susanhathaway@swcharter.org 3rd Grade Teacher
Elizabeth Thompson elizabeththompson@swcharter.org 4/5 Grade Teacher
Morgen Kelm morgenkelm@swcharter.org   4/5 Grade Teacher
Lisa Colombo lisacolombo@swcharter.org 6th Grade Teacher
Chris Wyland chriswyland@swcharter.org 7th Grade Teacher
Emily Conner emilyconner@swcharter.org 8th Grade Teacher
Courtney Miller courtneymiller@swcharter.org Literacy Specialist
Kathy Price kathyprice@swcharter.org Educational Aide
Brandy Schlick brandyschlick@swcharter.org P.E. and After School Enrichment
Yolanda Clay yolandaclay@swcharter.org Recess
Melissa Allen art@swcharter.org Art
Nate Orton art@swcharter.org Art